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Well look at me, writing entries in LJ and stuff!

My car has spent probably a good month (actually, a bit longer) covered in snow. There has been more snow so far this Winter in the area than the past several Winters combined (no, seriously). In addition, the tree that used to be in the driveway, and that was a pain to park under due to my car getting covered in sap every Spring and Summer was cut down this past Fall, which then allowed avalache after avalanche of snow and ice to come off the roof right onto my car and the surrounding area, making it near impossible to get around to the front of the car to move the snow when it was fresh (not that there was anywhere to put it).

Thanks to a few warm days in the 40s and 50s last week while I was at a client site in the faraway (18 miles) city of Boston, the snow has melted away from most of my car, except for the sides and the hood. What is there has become snowment...something that looks like snow, but is effectively ice. I can open the back doors wide enough (I think) to get inside, but then I'm going to have to climb into the front seat from there; something my non-lithe body will find difficult in my Toyota Matrix. My hope is that first off, the car will start...and then hopefully I can back out and the frozen mix hanging on my car will stay where it is (and not hold on to any part of my car, like the bumper). Then I can break up the ice and move it to the sidewalk (which is piled high with the stuff already) on the other side of the fence.

I really wouldn't mind just leaving it where it is, but I want to go to Costco to pick up some new hair clippers, a bushel of fruit, and a vat of ice cream.

I suppose I have nobody to blame for this but myself (although I was away from home (in a different state, even) when some of this happened...but I could have really worked to get it out and moved to a friends driveway for storage (if they would have let me), where it wouldn't have been so hard to get around the car to remove the snow.
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