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Travel, etc...bullet points;

  • Tomorrow I head to a client TV/Radio site in Fort Myers, Florida for three weeks (I'll be on site with two of my coworkers), to take them live on our commercial scheduling software. I'd rather be spending the summer at home, but I guess I have to pay my bills. Seriously, when am I going to find out that I have some long-lost, wealthy relative that recently died and left me a shitload of cash?

  • I've been converting my DVDs to MP4s (or M4Vs) so I can watch them on my various gadgets/TVs without a DVD player...and am obsessed with finding just the right type of artwork to use with them when importing the movies into iTunes. I've been impressed with several of the stylized movie posters (do a google search, you'll see), and checking to see if any of the artwork is for any movies I own. While looking for alternate versions of the movie poster for Looker, I stumbled across these. i got a giggle from the one that shows "Albert Fucking Finney" as one of the actors. I need to get away from the computer and out doors more often

  • I keep hoping there is going to be a resurgence in lj use by some of my lj friends that seem to have stopped updating completely, but at least some of them (well, you) still update, and they are good entries.

  • I spend $350 on work clothing today. I needed new pants since I accidentally washed some dry clean only dress slacks, and needed dress shirts, as my many of my dress shirts seem to be nearing the end of their wearable life. Lucky for me, Macy's was having a "one day only" sale, which I think they have about every other day. I picked up 4 pairs of slacks, and 4 dress shirts (and a new wallet, as mine was falling apart).

  • Haven't seen Harry Potter yet, but will probably be going to see a late show Wednesday or Thursday, since the hotel I'm staying at in Fort Myers is about two blocks from a theater.

  • I need a romantic interest. Someone that doesn't mind me traveling so much, and someone that could do a long-distance relationship and still remain monogamous. anybody interested? Maybe I just need a roommate...someone that will take care of my cats while I'm away...and would house train a puppy that I get to pick out from the local shelter.

  • I'm rambling again, aren't I?

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