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The Magnificence of ME!
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Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
10:42 am

I often seem to want what I won't get (or might only have for a moment), relationship-wise. I also sometimes find that I feel more for someone than I thought. More later (maybe), but for now, it's back to work.

Monday, November 7th, 2016
1:16 am
An ironic twist

Chatting with Sam on whatsapp, i just found out thst the person he's fallen for doesnt actually live in australia, but in the US! I didn't even bring up the subject of long distance relationships, since i thought surely Sam would not even be remotely interested in that. Always a bridesmaid indeed!

Sunday, April 13th, 2014
11:44 pm

So, a few months ago, after H broke up with me (via a text message, for Christ's sake!), someone 21 years my junior, whom I'll call M, let me know he was interested in me. I told him it was not something I saw happening. It would appear I was wrong, as I think we may actually be starting a relationship. Either that, or I made out with a friend last night.

Still, I'm traveling too much at this point to attempt anything too serious...but I figured I should just let what happens, happen, and not turn something away because of my own negativity. It's late and I'm tired, so I know I didn't really explain that well...more later

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Wednesday, November 20th, 2013
5:51 pm
13 years old today!
13 years ago today, I created my first livejournal post. The past several years, most entries have been something along the lines of "sorry I haven't posted in so long. I will start posting again soon..."

Really, this time I will try to start posting more often.

No, really.
Friday, October 25th, 2013
3:51 pm
The dating continues...
Hello livejournal! Well, it's been about three weeks now (I think?), and things with "H" and I seem to, for the most part, be going well.
I've found that when starting a relationship, I tend to over-think things. I'm trying not to fall too fast, but this man is...amazing. He's kind, generous, fun to be with, and so damned sexy. What's even sexier is that he doesn't realize just how sexy he is (he knows he is somewhat sexy, but he's his worst critic).

I have a fear that I may be becoming a bit to "clingy". We only live a few blocks away from each other (something I have NEVER experienced before), but I find that most of the time, I'm lucky to spend one day of the weekend with him, and maybe one evening of the week with him...but those times that we are together, the rest of the world just seems to go away, and it's just the two of us. He's a fantastic cuddler, and he loves to make out, almost as much as I do...I don't think there's anyone on the planet that likes to make out more than I do.

I'll be starting to travel for work again soon, which I'm not looking forward to, but I'm hoping that the times we are apart will make the times we are together that much more special (God I hope he doesn't break my heart).

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
4:08 pm
another dating update.
I certainly don't mean this to become my "date" journal, but if I'm lucky, maybe it will be. The first date with (let's call him "H" for now) went well, although it was a bit shorter than I would have wanted. It appears we are both interested in seeing more of each other, and we've already set up two more dates; one for dinner this Friday night (an intimate little Italian restaurant here in Salem), and one for lunch or dinner on Saturday (or maybe both...)

something I've done ever since I was a kid (did it so much it's just become a habit, and most of the time I don't even realize it), is say the letters of the alphabet as I twist the stem of an apple before eating it. I usually get to "B" or "C"...but today I got to the letter "H" before the stem broke off. Coincidence?!
Saturday, June 16th, 2012
3:19 pm
Saturday, April 21st, 2012
2:42 pm
My (spoilers behind a cut) review of Cabin in the Woods:
The movie was totally enjoyable, and I recommend you go see it, especially if you are a fan of Joss Whedon's and Drew Goddard's work. Don't click the link below if you haven't seen the movie, and try not to watch any commercials or previews for it...

Read more...Collapse )

just go see the movie if you haven't yet...and then come back and tell me whether you feel you wasted your money.

Current Mood: chipper
Saturday, February 25th, 2012
9:00 am
Been here in Seattle since last Sunday...
Leaving on Friday.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, February 5th, 2012
9:33 am
Travel today...
Tonight I head to Rochester, NY on business. so much to do, 8 hours to do it in...
Saturday, July 16th, 2011
7:58 pm
Travel, etc...bullet points;

  • Tomorrow I head to a client TV/Radio site in Fort Myers, Florida for three weeks (I'll be on site with two of my coworkers), to take them live on our commercial scheduling software. I'd rather be spending the summer at home, but I guess I have to pay my bills. Seriously, when am I going to find out that I have some long-lost, wealthy relative that recently died and left me a shitload of cash?

  • I've been converting my DVDs to MP4s (or M4Vs) so I can watch them on my various gadgets/TVs without a DVD player...and am obsessed with finding just the right type of artwork to use with them when importing the movies into iTunes. I've been impressed with several of the stylized movie posters (do a google search, you'll see), and checking to see if any of the artwork is for any movies I own. While looking for alternate versions of the movie poster for Looker, I stumbled across these. i got a giggle from the one that shows "Albert Fucking Finney" as one of the actors. I need to get away from the computer and out doors more often

  • I keep hoping there is going to be a resurgence in lj use by some of my lj friends that seem to have stopped updating completely, but at least some of them (well, you) still update, and they are good entries.

  • I spend $350 on work clothing today. I needed new pants since I accidentally washed some dry clean only dress slacks, and needed dress shirts, as my many of my dress shirts seem to be nearing the end of their wearable life. Lucky for me, Macy's was having a "one day only" sale, which I think they have about every other day. I picked up 4 pairs of slacks, and 4 dress shirts (and a new wallet, as mine was falling apart).

  • Haven't seen Harry Potter yet, but will probably be going to see a late show Wednesday or Thursday, since the hotel I'm staying at in Fort Myers is about two blocks from a theater.

  • I need a romantic interest. Someone that doesn't mind me traveling so much, and someone that could do a long-distance relationship and still remain monogamous. anybody interested? Maybe I just need a roommate...someone that will take care of my cats while I'm away...and would house train a puppy that I get to pick out from the local shelter.

  • I'm rambling again, aren't I?

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, February 20th, 2011
1:58 pm
Well look at me, writing entries in LJ and stuff!
My car has spent probably a good month (actually, a bit longer) covered in snow. There has been more snow so far this Winter in the area than the past several Winters combined (no, seriously). In addition, the tree that used to be in the driveway, and that was a pain to park under due to my car getting covered in sap every Spring and Summer was cut down this past Fall, which then allowed avalache after avalanche of snow and ice to come off the roof right onto my car and the surrounding area, making it near impossible to get around to the front of the car to move the snow when it was fresh (not that there was anywhere to put it).

Thanks to a few warm days in the 40s and 50s last week while I was at a client site in the faraway (18 miles) city of Boston, the snow has melted away from most of my car, except for the sides and the hood. What is there has become snowment...something that looks like snow, but is effectively ice. I can open the back doors wide enough (I think) to get inside, but then I'm going to have to climb into the front seat from there; something my non-lithe body will find difficult in my Toyota Matrix. My hope is that first off, the car will start...and then hopefully I can back out and the frozen mix hanging on my car will stay where it is (and not hold on to any part of my car, like the bumper). Then I can break up the ice and move it to the sidewalk (which is piled high with the stuff already) on the other side of the fence.

I really wouldn't mind just leaving it where it is, but I want to go to Costco to pick up some new hair clippers, a bushel of fruit, and a vat of ice cream.

I suppose I have nobody to blame for this but myself (although I was away from home (in a different state, even) when some of this happened...but I could have really worked to get it out and moved to a friends driveway for storage (if they would have let me), where it wouldn't have been so hard to get around the car to remove the snow.

Current Mood: annoyed
8:48 am
Had a dream this morning just before waking up that incorporated personal life with several unconnected TV shows and personalities...Fringe, Death Becomes Her, Angel (David Boreanaz), Eugene Levy playing Dr. Tongue's assistant (still not sure how that fell into my dream), Britney Spears/a Barbie doll/my niece Amanda (my niece would change between all three in the dream with no rhyme or reason), Oprah, and...Laura Brannigan, I think.

I (and the others in my dream) worked for some type of governmental paranormal research agency, and a few members of the team, like my niece and Angel, would transport to a parallel universe each day for a time, when a certain musical note from a Britney Spears song was played (or sung by my niece Amanda, who was also Britney Spears), if they were wearing a special pin or brooch (like the pin Lisle gives Helen Sharp and Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her). Some members of the team were double agents, however, and have stolen these pins, so the team members that need to transport to the other world cannot. They also kidnapped Eugene Levy, who holds some secret...and brought him to Oprah, who apparently rules the parallel world. when I tried to wake my niece Amanda in the dream, she was suddenly a Barbie doll in a dollhouse, covered from head to toe with a little blanket. I called out to her (fearing she was dead), trying to wake her up. That's when she started snoring loudly and talking like a hillbilly in her sleep, and I felt relieved...and then I woke up.

Seriously, dreams are so fucked up sometimes.

Current Mood: awake
Monday, January 24th, 2011
11:52 pm
making a final (probably) attempt at the 365 project
001 - Orange
Thanks go out to Chris McVeigh for processing the photo to make the not so orange couch a bit oranger.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, January 23rd, 2011
8:39 am
Charlotte, NC...here I come!
I'm headed to Charlotte for the next two weeks. No snow in the forecast suits me just fine. If you live in the area and want to meet up over the weekend for coffee/drinks, coffee drinks, etc...let me know.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, December 19th, 2010
2:46 pm
I made a Christmas video...wanna see it?
Check out 90 seconds of aluminum tree constructing, Christmas love:

Current Mood: bouncy
Thursday, December 2nd, 2010
4:28 pm
Today's GST (Green Shirt Thursday) flickr group submission:
GST: Hair-Is-At-That-Odd-Length edition

Yes, the shirt is green, even though it may not look it. In other "me me me" news, my hair is in that in-between length right now, where it would look better if it was clippered down, or if it was longer...but at this length, it will stick any which way it wants. Still debating whether to cut it or let it continue to grow.

Current Mood: busy
Monday, November 29th, 2010
6:38 pm
Happy Anniversary...just 9 days late...
Just over 10 years ago (10 years and 9 days), i started my journal here on livejournal.com.  I hope to get back to posting more regularly.  Maybe if i make livejournal.com my homepage again.

Current Mood: nostalgic
Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
11:31 am
Opting-out today? This is for you!
To all travelers who have decided to "opt out" of going through the body scanners today at the airport, in an effort to cripple the air traffic (if you decline to go through the body scanner for any other reason, the items below DO NOT apply to you):
  1. I'm so glad I am not flying today. 
  2. I hope your selfishness does not prevent others from reaching their destination in a timely manner. 
  3. If you are found to be opting out because you are actually participating in the "opt out" day boycott (and not for any other reason), I hope the TSA gives you an extra-thourough, extra-embarrassing, extra-humiliating pat-down, and then puts you on a no fly list, so you don't make your destination and won't be able to pull that shit ever again. 
  4. Fuck you, you selfish douchetards.

Current Mood: hungry
Saturday, November 20th, 2010
3:58 pm
Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 8 Motion Comic...
Have any of my fellow LJ friends who like Buffy the Vampire Slayer purchased or rented the motion comic? Is it worth a viewing?
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