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Had a dream this morning just before waking up that incorporated personal life with several unconnected TV shows and personalities...Fringe, Death Becomes Her, Angel (David Boreanaz), Eugene Levy playing Dr. Tongue's assistant (still not sure how that fell into my dream), Britney Spears/a Barbie doll/my niece Amanda (my niece would change between all three in the dream with no rhyme or reason), Oprah, and...Laura Brannigan, I think.

I (and the others in my dream) worked for some type of governmental paranormal research agency, and a few members of the team, like my niece and Angel, would transport to a parallel universe each day for a time, when a certain musical note from a Britney Spears song was played (or sung by my niece Amanda, who was also Britney Spears), if they were wearing a special pin or brooch (like the pin Lisle gives Helen Sharp and Madeline Ashton in Death Becomes Her). Some members of the team were double agents, however, and have stolen these pins, so the team members that need to transport to the other world cannot. They also kidnapped Eugene Levy, who holds some secret...and brought him to Oprah, who apparently rules the parallel world. when I tried to wake my niece Amanda in the dream, she was suddenly a Barbie doll in a dollhouse, covered from head to toe with a little blanket. I called out to her (fearing she was dead), trying to wake her up. That's when she started snoring loudly and talking like a hillbilly in her sleep, and I felt relieved...and then I woke up.

Seriously, dreams are so fucked up sometimes.
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