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My (spoilers behind a cut) review of Cabin in the Woods:

The movie was totally enjoyable, and I recommend you go see it, especially if you are a fan of Joss Whedon's and Drew Goddard's work. Don't click the link below if you haven't seen the movie, and try not to watch any commercials or previews for it...

although not as "OMG IT'S TOTALLY THE MOST AMAZING THING THAT'S EVER BEEN CREATED AND IF YOU DON'T AGREE YOU JUST DON'T GET IT" as almost everyone out there is making it seem. If you've seen the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, you've seen many of the elements of this movie. I loved those shows, so I have no beef with Cabin in the Woods. It was a fun watch, and I'm glad the movie actually ended the way it did. I do wonder though, with ALLLLLL the blood that was shed, none of it counted as a replacement? If you're a fan of the Whedonverse, you could see a lot of things coming (like the first time the guy complained that he was hoping for a know they had to show one, and that he probably was going to be killed by it). I half expected to see Riley Finn pop up in the facility with all the demons, or for some Wolfram and Hart employees to be milling around (besides the always awesome Amy Acker). So, even though I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, I did feel it was a bit more "televisiony" than necessary, especially during a special effects scene or two, when it looked like they didn't go the extra mile. Still, I'd go see it again. I couldn't tell what sign Tom Lenk (Ronald the Intern) was holding up when they showed him on the monitor - so if you saw the movie and were able to tell what he wrote, please tell me.

just go see the movie if you haven't yet...and then come back and tell me whether you feel you wasted your money.
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