gavin (gavin) wrote,

another dating update.

I certainly don't mean this to become my "date" journal, but if I'm lucky, maybe it will be. The first date with (let's call him "H" for now) went well, although it was a bit shorter than I would have wanted. It appears we are both interested in seeing more of each other, and we've already set up two more dates; one for dinner this Friday night (an intimate little Italian restaurant here in Salem), and one for lunch or dinner on Saturday (or maybe both...)

something I've done ever since I was a kid (did it so much it's just become a habit, and most of the time I don't even realize it), is say the letters of the alphabet as I twist the stem of an apple before eating it. I usually get to "B" or "C"...but today I got to the letter "H" before the stem broke off. Coincidence?!
Tags: obsessing
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